Product information

Do you want to create an extra sleeping place for one of your children, now it’s easy. This product is specially designed to easy add or remove an extra bed. This universal caravanbed can be installed easily in every caravan.

During the day the bed can be tilt away within one minute, or within two minutes when you want it remove is complete. Putting the bed back in place can also be done within two minutes

The specially designed click adapter ensures that the staircase can be removed within 10 seconds. Then tilt the bed to the window, or disassemble the entire bed by detaching the box adapters.

This caravanbed comes with a custom made mattress.

Possible caravans
UWIS caravanbed fits into almost any caravan. The bed fits on top of each train seat, dinette, round seat and cross seat bed. Mounting is not possible above a bed lengthwise and a french bed. The building quality of your caravan is not an issue.  The forces are distributed over the wall and the floor. However, these forces are negligible. Also caravans with inferior quality are excellent for UWIS caravanbed.

Assembling the bed is easy. You only need to drill two holes in the bottom of the upper cabinets. Mounting is possible above the train seat, dinette, round seat and cross seat bed. Mounting is not possible above a bed lengthwise and a french bed. These holes are not immediately visible when the bed is later removed. Then mount using a screw, the two included adapters on the location of the holes. These adapters keep the bed in place. The rear of the bed rests on the caravan wall using an adjustable U-pipe. At the front side the bed is supported by the staircase. There is obviously a clear manual included with all images in detail.

Dimensions and load capacity
The UWIS caravanbed is suitable for childeren up to 147cm in length and 50 kg in weight. The size of the mattress is 147x65cm.

Weight and material
The bed is made of solid aluminum tubes. Ultra light but very strong. The cloth is made of sand/beige polyester and the mattress is 5cm thick foam with a cotton cover. All materials are CE tested. The total bed weighs only 8 kg.

The bed has been tested and fully approved by the Swiss certification company SGS. The UWIS caravanbed withstood test up to 140 KG . Children under 6 years must always be supervised by an adult when entering the UWIS caravanbed.